What Are Veneers & Why You Should Consider It

If you are a regular smoker, you should give this serious consideration. You should also give serious consideration to give up this extremely harmful and unhealthy habit. But this short informational article on veneers skokie il installations does not have the time or space. And you knew that already. You knew you had to give up smoking. Not easy to do, and so it goes. As a consequence, you now have yellowing teeth.

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Also, because of your smoking habit, your teeth have started to decay. Keep this bad habit up and soon those teeth of yours will have to be removed. Disease of the teeth spreads to the gums, if not kept in check. Of course, those of you who do not smoke may be quite miffed, perturbed or frustrated. Why are your teeth yellowing as well? Well, you do enjoy at least one or two cups of good coffee a day.

And that is not a bad habit at all. Also, sugar-free or diet sodas can cause the teeth to decay. That’s what caffeinated drinks do. And even if your drinks are caffeine free, the richness of coffee beans and tea leaves will still impact negatively on your teeth. Look the word up in your dictionary in order to fully appreciate its significance. Veneers are made up of a thin porcelain shell. It is placed directly over your existing teeth.

This protective covering was specifically designed to cover teeth imperfections such as gaps and discolored teeth. It was also designed to protect chipped teeth. Veneer installations are always customized to match the patient’s specific condition. And so it is. Veneer applications are not entirely cosmetic. See the covering as a healthy form of protection for your damaged teeth.