Rejuvenate your Body with Stem Cell Therapy

The use of stem cells has become a reality and now you can get help for various orthopedic issues with this kind of help. The therapies can actually help regrow cartilage, tendons, and even bone. This means you don’t have to go on suffering and you can live without medications.

Is that good news or what? Now you can finally rid yourself of that chronic pain and feel young again. It will be like having new knees without the surgery or new ankles and wrists. Whatever is bothering you, look for relief with stem cell therapies.

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When you want orthopedic stem cell therapy, st augustine fl has exactly what you are looking for. The stem cells that are used are those which come from your own body rather than any other kinds of stem cells so you do not have to be concerned about them coming from fetuses.

The way it all works directly is simple to understand. Stem cells are like little builders and they will build tissue where they are injected so that new cells are there and they are healthy again. This means cartilage where there was none, new tendons where they are breaking down, and so on.

The cells are extracted from your own bone marrow and then they are isolated and injected into the sites that are affected. In time, the cells will begin to manufacture all of the necessary proteins, glycans, and cells needed to make new tissues in the area. They only work locally.

Do not worry that there are any dangers. There is no chance that your body will reject the cells since they are all your own stem cells. There are reasons why they don’t naturally do that in your body but it is not fully understood. Your bone marrow can be the source for natural healing.