deep tissue massage columbia md

  • The Benefits of Deep Tissue Massages

    Sometimes after a long day of work, sitting slumped over our keyboards has put a crick in our neck and tension has seeped through our shoulders. By the time we get home, our backs hurt. We can have trouble falling asleep because we can't get comfortable in bed. We're too stiff when we're driving. We might even turn over to quickly in our sleep and pull something, just because we're too rigid from ongoing tension. One of the best remedies for chronic muscular pain and tension is the deep tissue massage columbia md practitioners offer.

    First thing's first: a deep tissue massage is meant to relieve tension and pain. It's a massage practice meant for rehabilitation. While some people may find this massage relaxing, relaxation is not its primary focus. Your masseuse will apply different degrees of pressure to different muscles depending on tension. It's normal to feel varying degrees of discomfort.

    deep tissue massage columbia md

    Deep tissue massages offer a wealth of health benefits. It not only lowers high blood pressure, but it also treat back and arthritis pain. These massages are also a great treatment for muscle rehabilitation, and they can break down scar tissue. Deep tissue massages also relieve stress, help improve mobility in joints, and aid in reducing chronic pain.

    It's important to know that you should not get a deep tissue massage if you have blood clots. The massage can dislodge the clot, which is extremely dangerous. Also check with your doctor is you have any medical condition. Those with osteoporosis should avoid deep tissue massages.

    Deep tissue massages, while healing, can also help stimulate serotonin and oxytocin production which aids in making you feel happy and relaxed. This is one of the reasons why such massages are great for reducing mental stress and anxiety. They offer a broad range of benefits.